Realizing Your Dreams…With Help From Strangers

Digg Digg  Almost one year ago, we decided to live out our lives as a social experiment to find out what form of currency is most prevalent in society. Most people would generally assume that it’s cash – some kind … Continue reading

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Having “Nothing” Can Bring You Everything

The world is full of energy, but how we perceive it is up to us. Society has taught some people that having possessions is important. We need bigger TV’s, louder sound-systems, shinier cars, and more post-secondary degrees (not that I’m … Continue reading

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Why I’ll Never Be Employed Again

When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was grow up. I wanted more responsibility, more R-rated conversation, and more life experience. I was tired of being treated like my opinion had no knowledge behind it, like my … Continue reading

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Rock for Dogs at Joe’s Apartment!

Hey everyone! This Thursday, December 12th, we are playing at Joe’s Apartment to raise funds for NoBorders Animal Rescue Society.  We haven’t played in Vancouver for a couple months, and are super psyched to be apart of this awesome event! … Continue reading

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Winter Travellin’

Cold weather is upon us and The Shrugs are lovin’ it (mainly because most of our winter has been spent in California)! In the last 6 weeks, we’ve had some amazing adventures, met a lot of new people, and cuddled … Continue reading

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